The jewelry software is complete jewelry store management software designed specifically for independent retail jewelers and wholesale jewelers. It's easy to use functionality and its very meaningful management reports. The program had a reputation for having the best features in the industry for improving profits.

  • Point of Sale
  • Inventory
  • Customers
  • Accounting
  • Reports
  • Miscellaneous

Features of eJewelry Software :-

Purchase Management

  • Purchase of gold, Metal Ornaments, Loose Stone & Studded Ornaments.
  • Purchase by Piece.
  • Purchase against Consignment.
  • Rate of metal can be decided later.
  • Old Metal purchase
  • Own & Other Metal Purchase
  • Purchase Rate Deduction for various types of Old Metal Purchase.
  • Metal exchange
  • By Value
  • By Weight
  • Vendor Management

Inventory Management

  • Inventory of Raw metal (Gold), Loose Ornaments, Loose stones.
  • Inventory management by Metal, Purity, Group, Style, Design, Size, Weight (Gross,   Other, Net, & Fine), Making, Pieces, Quantity.
  • Seasonal Stock Management. Reorder Level Stock Management.
  • Gain & Loss Analysis of Old Metal Purchase.
  • Stock Tray -> Location and Group wise  (Stock Taking Purpose) Melting ,Refining  and sample Issue and Receipt

Customer Management

  • Maintain customer's information including Birthdays and anniversaries
  • Take advance from customer with current rate applicable or delivery rate
  • applicable   (Rate can be fixed for weight in proportion to the amount paid as advance)
  • Customer Classification
  • Credit limit based on multiple guarantees
  • Greeting SMS
  • Mailing label

Daily Reports Interactive Queries:

  • Cash Reports
  • Item wise Sale Report
  • Customer Due Statement
  • Item Stock Status
  • Gold Balances
  • Artisan Balances
  • Stone Balances
  • Lots of Different type of user define  valuable Reports
  • All Reports Import In Excels

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